Lunch Buddies Program

The Lunch Buddies Program allows for the "Big" to visit their Little in the child's school, after school program, or at another youth-serving agency. BBBS is affiliated with approximately 25 schools, as well as 6 additional youth service organizations. This format allows for the match to meet in a more structured environment than out in the community, usually for about 30 minutes per week. For some volunteers this is a better fit because of the option to have their lunch break with their Little, at the child's school, and the fact that it can fit neatly into a work and family routine. We offer Lunch Buddies opportunities in each of our nine counties.

Cai and Doug

Why Site-Based?

It’s teacher-approved: Some of the biggest supporters of our Site-Based Mentoring Program are actually teachers. They see students come back from their time with their Big filled with confidence, smiling big, ready to learn and eager to succeed.

Who are Site-Based Programs good for?

  • College students
  • Older adults
  • Adults who live or work near a participating school or site (you could see your Little during lunch!)


Must be a Minimum of 16 Years Old 

Starting at age 16 in varying counties meet with your little during school to have fun and share stories with each other

Weekly Visits with Little During School Year

Visit your Little during a non-core class or extended lunch break. Bigs and Littles work on homework together, play games, throw a ball around, or simply share stories with one another.

Communicate with Professional Staff 

Communicate monthly via phone with professional staff to help us support and continue to grow your match. 

Why Did You Become a Lunch Buddy?




of Littles believe they have a stronger understanding of their school work.


of Littles have maintained or improved their grades. 


of Littles said they anticipate continuing their education after high school.