A Mentoring Program Designed for the Busy Professional


Of mentor2.0 students applied for financial aid 


Of mentor2.0 students enroll in college


of mentor2.0 students who entered college persisted into their second year!

What is mentor2.0?

It's easier then ever to be a Mentor: Online

Mentor2.0 is a technology-enriched,  one-to-one mentoring program that provides transformative 1-1 support for low-income and first-generation high school students to prepare them for high school success, college matriculation and workforce readiness. This program makes it easier than ever to become a mentor through weekly online communication and monthly in-person meetings. We are  currently working with students in Decatur Public School District 61 at MacArthur High School.

What do Mentors Do?

Weekly E-mail Communication

College readiness curriculum structures each weekly interaction with mentee setting goals and providing the structure our matches need to have high quality converstions.

Monthly in-Person Meetings

Meet individually with your mentee each month during our group activities. Share a meal together provided by us, talk about school and continue to grow your mentoring relationship offline. 

Communicate with Professional Staff

Communicate monthly via phone with professional staff to help us support and continue to grow your match. 

Mentoring Expectations

  • All mentors must be at least 21 years of age and hold a college degree (2+ year degree) hold a business or technical degree, or have had experience with the post-secondary process.
  • Commit to your mentee from their freshman year through graduation.
  • Commit to sending one weekly message on an interesting topic that mentor2.0 provides through the mentor2.0 platform.
  • Commit to seeing your mentee once a month for 2 hours at a mentor2.0 facilitated after-school event at their school.
  • Agree to only communicate and meet within the above framework (for curriculum focus and program fidelity). Once a strong relationship foundation has been established, opportunities for outside communication and meetings on your own may be a possibility.

Why mentor2.0?

Mentor Justice-

"I joined mentor2.0 so I could help make a difference. When I was in school I wasn't luck enough to have the help the kids' in this program receive when applying to college & I know without this program many of these kids' wouldn't receive this information. It's rewarding to know that because of this program I am not only helping make a difference in this one life, but in many lives to come." 


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