Why be a BIG?

For just a few hours a couple of times a month, you can help a child succeed.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is different from other mentoring organizations in that we seek volunteers who are committed and consistent, willing to serve at least a year, but we hope until a child graduates high school. It’s what makes our programs successful, helping kids who face adversity beat the odds.

Professional staff are there to work with you, the child and the family throughout the course of the mentoring relationship to provide necessary training and support.

Funding allows us to carefully make and support more matches. Sometimes, the supply of volunteers and kids is greater than the necessary agency funding.

We are grateful for your willingness to be involved and while it is certainly not a requirement, we welcome you to also become a donor – as you volunteer or wait to be matched..

Sydney & Cassidy

Sydney & Cassidy

Big Sister Sydney and Little Sister Cassidy have been matched since March 2016. The two are a part of our high school site-based program where Sydney, a local high schooler, will take her free period to come visit Cassidy at her school once a week. Sydney loves volunteering and knew BBBS would be a great fit for her. Cassidy is in 2nd grade for the 2016-17 school year, and loves animals and making arts and crafts. Cassidy’s teacher shared that her strengths are “being kind to her peers and to adults.” Her teacher thinks highly of the match and shared, “Cassidy lights up anytime she gets to talk about her mentor. It is a joy to listen to her talk animatedly about something! Cassidy has something to look forward to every Friday and I think it has greatly improved her attendance at school since beginning the program.” Together, the match has made crafts and played board games. Cassidy looks forward to being with Sydney for their hour every week. 

Elena and Ada

Elena & Ada

Although Big Elena and Little Ada have only been matched for 3 months, while talking to their Case Manager during their 3 month evaluation, Elena shared with the Case Manager how much progress Ada has made within those few short months. She said that Ada seems more relaxed and able to be herself around Elena and others. Ada shared that she appreciates that she can be herself around Elena, and she likes that Elena is smart, creative, and stylish. Elena and Ada enjoy activities like going bowling, having picnics, and going to Artful Designs-as seen in the photo.


Ryan & Jaydan

Big Brother Ryan and Little Brother Jaydan were first matched in 2012 as a Site-Based Match. They transitioned to the Community-Based program in 2014. Ryan decided to sign up to be a volunteer because he wanted to get more involved in the community and have an impact on a young person’s life. Jayden wanted a Big Brother to get some one-on-one attention and learn how to express his feelings.

Ryan has known Jaydan since he was 5 years old and watched him grow up. Ryan said it is great to see the progress that Jaydan has made over the years. Jaydan is much more polite with Ryan (and from the sounds of it more polite at school school/with teachers too). Ryan has also seen improvements in Jaydan's school work/desire to go to school. Both Ryan and Jaydan are comfortable with their match and continue to meet out in the community and in school. Jaydan considers Ryan as a friend. They get to go out places and do things together, like coming out to BBBS agency events. The picture is from the BBBS pool party over summer.

Dequan and Umesh

Umesh & Dequan

Little Brother Dequan and Big Brother Umesh have been matched for just over three years. Big Brother Umesh has always had the desire to give back and help others. He wanted to be a positive male role model for a child.  Growing up Umesh had very supportive parents; he credits them for who he is today.

Dequan was previously matched. He said it was a great experience, sad it had to end but wanted to continue growing with another Big Brother. He wanted a Big Brother to do fun things with, like go out to eat, play basketball (and dunk on his Big Brother), hang out and talk.

Dequan and Umesh like to be active. Their favorite activity is going to Illini games - anything from football, basketball and hockey. Umesh and Dequan always have fun watching the game and spending time with their friends!

Blake Frankey

Blake & Frankey

Big Brother Blake and Little Brother Frankey have been matched for over 6 years! Frankey is the oldest of 5 children and enjoys his one on one time with Blake. Now that he is in high school, Blake is helping Frankey learn lifelong skills and encouraging him to focus on school. Recently, Blake taught Frankey the art of grilling, and helped him open up his first bank account. They also like working out at the YMCA and are both competitive, always trying to beat each other whether it's in basketball, video games, or bowling. 

Frankey's mom enrolled him when he was 7 years old so he could have a consistent male role-model in his life. Blake applied to be a Big Brother after hearing a United Way presentation about the organization. Blake is also a member of our Macon County Regional Board.


Kim & Asharae

Big Sister Kim and Little Sister Asharae just celebrated their 1 year match anniversary in August!

Kim got involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters because she likes kids and thought it would be good to get involved.  She is interested in working with children because she wants to be a nurse and has been around kids for a long time.

Asharae’s mom enrolled her in Big Brothers Big Sisters because she thought Asharae would benefit from having another influence in her life that is reinforcing the things that mom is telling her.  

There is nothing about Kim that Asharae doesn’t like! She loves that they both wear glasses and they always have a lot to talk about when they get together. Kim agrees that the pair is very open with each other and promises, per Asharae’s request, that they will bake a cake together.


Tate & Lee

Big Sister Tate and Little Brother Lee have been matched for 8 months in our community-based program. They enjoy going to the movies, park, bowling, out to eat, and miniature golfing.

Tate decided to join the agency because she loves working with children.  One of her goals is to inspire a child by giving them a positive role-model to look up to. She's passionate about helping children to be more confident and outgoing. Tate tries to expose her Little to new experiences and wants to make his life to become a little easier. 

Lee comes from a large family and was enrolled in the program to get some much needed one to one time. Tate teaches Lee how to establish healthy boundaries and how to stay focused on one task at a time. Lee is already a bright student and very involved in the community. Tate encourages her Little to keep up the good work and to value education.  


Morgan & Gaby

Big Sister Morgan and Little Sister Gaby celebrate one year of being matched this month.  Morgan became involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters through the campus organization and wanted to be a Big because she enjoyed working with the kids during the campus meeting time. From the match introduction both Morgan and Gaby could tell they would have a great time together.  Morgan and Gaby had many similarities such as their love for One Direction. The match meets weekly for a couple of hours and will bake, work on homework, play outside or watch the One Direction movie together.

Gaby's parents came to BBBS to give her added support outside of the family. Gaby's family came to America nine years ago and her parents wanted her to be able to have another person support her in her interests, academics and to lend an outside hear to what is going on in her life. Gaby has loved being with Morgan so much that she was excited for her brother to be matched so he could have a similar experience.

In April, Gaby thanked her Case Manager for putting her and Morgan together. Gaby says she loves being with Morgan and is so happy that they were able to meet.


Eric & Billy

Little Brother Billy and Big Brother Eric have been matched for over two years. Eric works for Wells Fargo and became involved with our program because his brother was a Big. Growing up, Eric’s grandfather met with him every Saturday morning, brought over "some type of pastry" and took him and his brother on outdoor adventures, like fishing trips. As a Big, Eric wants to be consistent and do fun activities like he did with his grandfather when he was younger. Some of the matches favorite activities include putting a fish balloon together, playing arcade games, playing laser tag, miniature golf, and sampling TCBY’s many flavors.

Billy was enrolled in our program after the passing of his father. His mother wanted him to have a positive male role model in his life.

Both Billy and Eric enjoy their time together and can’t wait till the next match activity! The picture of Billy and Eric is from one of our match activities at Skateland.