Wyatt & Jim

Being a kid means trying to figure out life as you go. That’s a lot easier when you have someone you can trust to be there for the big moments – and the little ones, too.

Wyatt has enjoyed meeting with his Big Brother for six years now. When he and Jim get together each week, their time isn’t always about doing something dramatic or expensive. Usually they simply toss the football or shoot hoops. These activities seem to relax Wyatt up so he can open up about how he’s feeling at home and school. Just talking to one another and sharing a keen interest in sports has been the basis for a true, lasting friendship.

“It’s been a great match,” Jim says. “A lot of the issues he was dealing with when we first introduced are no longer problems for him. As he enters Jr. High and beyond there will be new issues that arise. I hope I can help him weather any growing pains he may experience.”

Jim first enrolled has a Big Brother because several of his former students were working with the organization, and asked him to think about becoming a mentor. Because of his respect for them, he wanted to show them gratitude for the good efforts they made in the classroom. After joining, he soon saw that the adult has just as much fun as the kid does.

“Wyatt has been an extremely fun kid to be around these past few years. It’s fun to see him grow, both physically and emotionally.”

This is what it’s all about – it’s not about making every meeting a big production. It’s about making every meeting. In the end, being a Big is simply about BEING there, every time, for those moments when young people need us the most.