Shakira and Jeremy

Shakira and Jeremy are in a school-based match, which means they hang out once a week at school together, working on homework, playing on the playground or eating lunch together. Shakira is a Millikin University student and has been matched with Jeremy since March of 2012.  She takes time out of her bustling class schedule to see Jeremy every week. Both Jeremy and Shakira come from big families, so they like to talk about their siblings and almost anything else! You can find them every week, hanging out together and chatting while working away at times tables or reading stories. Their case manager once asked Jeremy to share his thoughts about Shakira and he grinned, replying, “She is my force field! No one can touch me when she is around!” Shakira is very good about keeping tabs on Jeremy’s schoolwork and assisting him in whatever subject he needs the help in. Jeremy has a big imagination and Shakira is always willing to swing on the swings with him, while they pretend to be traveling in distant lands or flying to Mars!