Ryan and Jaydan

Big Brother Ryan and Little Brother Jaydan were first matched in 2012 as a Site-Based Match. They transitioned to the Community-Based program in 2014. Ryan decided to sign up to be a volunteer because he wanted to get more involved in the community and have an impact on a young person’s life. Jayden wanted a Big Brother to get some one-on-one attention and learn how to express his feelings.

Ryan has known Jaydan since he was 5 years old and watched him grow up. Ryan said it is great to see the progress that Jaydan has made over the years. Jaydan is much more polite with Ryan (and from the sounds of it more polite at school school/with teachers too). Ryan has also seen improvements in Jaydan's school work/desire to go to school. Both Ryan and Jaydan are comfortable with their match and continue to meet out in the community and in school. Jaydan considers Ryan as a friend. They get to go out places and do things together, like coming out to BBBS agency events. The picture is from the BBBS pool party over summer.