Phyllis and Sierra

Big Sister Phyllis and Little Sister Sierra recently transitioned to the community-based program after being matched for 4 years. Phyllis served as a school principal for 25 years before retiring.  Upon retiring, Phyllis decided to give back to the community and help a child in need.  The match initially started out at South Shores Elementary where they met once a week and did a combination of arts and crafts, talking, and having lunch together.  Sierra has always looked forward to her Big Sister visiting and bringing her new things to try.  Sierra sometimes invites friends to eat lunch with them. Phyllis is happy to take this opportunity and mentor these children. Phyllis and Sierra have built a strong bond over the years. They have talks about education, life, and making good decisions. They enjoy having these talks while eating Monical's pizza together. Although they transitioned to community base, Phyllis still visits Sierra at school and the match enjoys doing a mixture of school-based and community-based activities.  Phyllis hopes their relationship will expose Sierra to new experiences and help her set goals for her future.