Parent Perspective: Kathy

    Four years ago, Kirsten was a shy eight-year old who had a hard time opening up to anyone. Her Mom decided maybe she needed someone else to spend time with, somebody cool Kirsten would look to as a role model outside the family.


    After connecting with the Big Brothers Big Sisters office in Ford County, Kirsten and her mother had to be patient. But it was worth the wait.

    “We’ve been together for over four years now,” Amanda says. Then just 19, the current collegian was a perfect fit. “I feel that we've been a great match for one another. During our time together we usually play board games, outdoor games, swim, or sometimes I help her out with homework. We get together every month and I'm still thrilled to see how excited she is in when I go to pick her up. She is always full of stories and laughter! From the first moment we’re together ‘til it's time to go back home. Every visit definitely brightens up my day!

    Kirsten’s mother, Kathy, feels equally glad she decided to seek some extra support for her daughter. The shyness has melted away to leave a talkative, eager child who can’t wait for the next chance to go out exploring with her “Big.” It means even more now that Amanda has to carve out some extra time from her college class schedule. 

    “She has had a wonderful increase in her self-esteem due to spending time with her Big Sister. Kirsten feels comfortable talking with Amanda about anything, from school to friends. It warms my heart to see the amount of confidence my once shy, quiet little girl has developed. I am so thankful to Big Brothers Big Sisters!”