Morgan and Gaby

Big Sister Morgan and Little Sister Gaby celebrate one year of being matched this month.  Morgan became involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters through the campus organization and wanted to be a Big because she enjoyed working with the kids during the campus meeting time. From the match introduction both Morgan and Gaby could tell they would have a great time together.  Morgan and Gaby had many similarities such as their love for One Direction. The match meets weekly for a couple of hours and will bake, work on homework, play outside or watch the One Direction movie together.

Gaby's parents came to BBBS to give her added support outside of the family. Gaby's family came to America nine years ago and her parents wanted her to be able to have another person support her in her interests, academics and to lend an outside hear to what is going on in her life. Gaby has loved being with Morgan so much that she was excited for her brother to be matched so he could have a similar experience.

In April, Gaby thanked her Case Manager for putting her and Morgan together. Gaby says she loves being with Morgan and is so happy that they were able to meet.