Molly & Trinity

Trinity and Molly have been matched for 3 years on July 8th and really enjoying swimming, watching movies, having camp fires, and traveling to new places together! They see each other at least once a week.Because Molly is Director of the Office of Inclusion & Student Engagement at Millikin, Molly and Trinity spend a lot of time of campus. They go to movies, concerts, and CCIW softball games. Molly says that Trinity is very comfortable on campus and that Trinity “believes that she belongs here”. Molly said that Trinity is also very well known on campus; she took Trinity to Millikin’s ‘Sibs Weekend'.Trinity lives with her grandmother, and needed a Big Sister with the energy to keep up with her, and do fun activities. Molly is a perfect fit; Trinity’s grandmother says, “I really really like Molly; she’s been really good for Trinity”. Trinity gets all A’s at school, and is reading 2 or 3 grade levels above her current grade; she is in 6th grade at Garfield Montessori. Molly said that Trinity is a “brilliant young lady“, and she is impressed with how Trinity’s mind works. Trinity hasn’t fully made up her mind about what she wants to do when she grows up – be an anesthesiologist, or work at BBBS; get her Master's degree, and become a mother. Molly says that Trinity is very social and that she never forgets a face or a name so she sees Trinity doing something that involves working with people.Other than that, Trinity is a typical ‘tween' with lots of spunk and energy. So Molly continues to guide her and be a great example of what a successful woman looks like.In addition to her very busy full time job, Molly is the President of the BBBSCIL board, and serves on the Bowl For Kids’ Sake fund development committee. She is a force to be reckoned with!