Linda and Sindra

Little Sister Sindra has been eager to learn more about African American culture and past history and has shared that interest with her Big Sister Linda as they've read books and visited local sites during their 4 year match.  When Linda had the opportunity to visit Birmingham, Alabama this summer, she knew Sindra needed to go along.  Sindra's mom, Angela, agreed and after talking with the case manager, the 3 day trip was set.  Sindra and Linda visited the church where the civil rights movement was organized, the bridge where marchers crossed to get into Montgomery to ask for the freedom to vote, the greyhound bus station where many of the freedom riders were beaten, the Alabama Capitol building that once held slave auctions, the Civil Rights museum, and the Rosa Parks museum.  Little Sister Sindra said some of the sites were "excruciating" because of events that had occurred there, but overall thought it was a great trip to see the history "before her time".  Big Sister Linda agreed that there were some "tough places" to visit, but was happy to have the chance to take Sindra since she had always wanted to show her the actual sites of the historical places they have been studying.