Koltin and Erin

Koltin and Erin are in a school-based match, which means they hang out once a week at school together – working on homework, playing games and having lunch. Erin is a scientist at ADM and has been matched with Koltin since April of 2012. Koltin was super excited by the idea of his Big Sister being a scientist! Koltin likes playing “Where’s My Water?” or “Where’s My Perry?” with Erin and Erin likes playing these games with Koltin because he doesn't realize he is learning physics! When Koltin moved from an east-side school (very close to Erin’s work,) to a west-side school, he worried Erin would not come with him. Erin gladly followed Koltin to his new school and they continued their weekly hang-outs together. You can find Erin and Koltin together once a week, heads together, working on homework or solving a puzzle together.