Julie and Kayanna

Big Sister Julie and Little Sister Kayanna have been matched for five years. The match recently vacationed in Florida. They went to Disney World where they visited a variety of places including Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. . The match stayed with Julie’s parents, who also have a boat, and the match was able to go on a boat ride and spend time at the beach on the Atlantic Ocean. 

Kayanna’s mother enrolled her in the program because she was expecting a new baby and wanted Kayanna to have some support and one-on-one attention as the family dynamics changed. Mom also wanted Kayanna to be able to experience new things and “just be a kid”.

Julie initially joined BBBS because she didn’t have any children of her own, but loved spending time with her niece and nephew. She believes in the power of mentoring and spreads the word about Big Brothers Big Sisters any chance she gets. Julie loves sharing stories with her friends, family and co-workers about the match and how incredible her relationship with Kayanna has been. Much to Julie’s surprise, after one of her co-workers found out about the trip, Julie was presented with money to cover Kayanna’s flight. Kayanna was nervous about her first plane ride, but, other than her ears popping and a minor headache (mostly due to being tired from all the festivities), the flight went fine. Overall, the match had a great time!