Jim and Javil

Jim Moore has been involved with BBBS for over 12 years.  Jim enjoys being a role model for children, giving back to the community, and mentoring children in need.  Jim's Little, Javil, is a 5th grader at Parsons Elementary. Javil's mother signed him up so he can have a positive male role model in his life that will expose him to new experiences. Javil and James have been matched in the community-based program for six months now.  Jim was previously matched for a short period over 10 years ago, and since then, Jim has continued to be involved with the agency. Jim has worked for CAT for the past 20 years as an Engineer in Product Support.  Jim really enjoyed his role as a Big so decided to become a Big again. Jim is exposing his Little to new experiences, emphasizes the importance of education, and gives Javil the one-to-one male attention that he needs.