Jennifer and Baylee

Big Sister Jennifer and Little Sister Baylee have been matched in the program for three years. Jennifer works for Farnsworth Group in Bloomington, IL and Baylee will be going into 8th grade at Clinton Junior High. Jennifer decided to get involved with BBBS when she moved to the community and wanted to give back to children. She was fortunate to have role models in her life growing up and wanted to provide that for someone else. Since being matched, Jennifer has noticed Baylee's confidence has grown and has a more positive outlook on school. Baylee looks up to Jennifer and describes her as "happy, outgoing and enthusiastic". In a recent meeting with their Case Manager, Baylee mentioned she might like to have a career similar to Jennifer's.  One of the match’s favorite things to do is grab a bite to eat at Subway, as Baylee enjoys creating her own sandwiches. The two also enjoy going to the library and parks in town. Baylee's mom feels that Jennifer has been nothing but a positive influence in her life and feels fortunate the two met. Jennifer is also an active board member for BBBS in DeWitt County.