Eric and Billy

Little Brother Billy and Big Brother Eric have been matched for over two years. Eric works for Wells Fargo and became involved with our program because his brother was a Big. Growing up, Eric’s grandfather met with him every Saturday morning, brought over "some type of pastry" and took him and his brother on outdoor adventures, like fishing trips. As a Big, Eric wants to be consistent and do fun activities like he did with his grandfather when he was younger. Some of the matches favorite activities include putting a fish balloon together, playing arcade games, playing laser tag, miniature golf, and sampling TCBY’s many flavors.

Billy was enrolled in our program after the passing of his father. His mother wanted him to have a positive male role model in his life.

Both Billy and Eric enjoy their time together and can’t wait till the next match activity! The picture of Billy and Eric is from one of our match activities at Skateland.