Dequan and Umesh

Little Brother Dequan and Big Brother Umesh have been matched for just over three years. Big Brother Umesh has always had the desire to give back and help others. He wanted to be a positive male role model for a child.  Growing up Umesh had very supportive parents; he credits them for who he is today.

Dequan was previously matched. He said it was a great experience, sad it had to end but wanted to continue growing with another Big Brother. He wanted a Big Brother to do fun things with, like go out to eat, play basketball (and dunk on his Big Brother), hang out and talk.

Dequan and Umesh like to be active. Their favorite activity is going to Illini games - anything from football, basketball and hockey. Umesh and Dequan always have fun watching the game and spending time with their friends!