Dakota and Jay

Dakota and Jay have been matched for almost 5 years.  Dakota, the Little Brother has moved a lot with his family, and Jay (Big Brother) has been there through it all.  Also, because of the moves Dakota has been falling behind in school, but Jay has been there to help Dakota every step of the way; encouraging him to ask for help and to never give up.   When Dakota has questions or wants to hang out, Jay is always there making time for him and checking in about school or things at home.  Outings are never boring for Dakota and Jay. One activity they like to do together is work on Jay’s go-cart; Dakota loves learning about the parts and putting everything together.  The real fun for Dakota is taking it out for a spin.  If they aren’t working on the go-cart then they are seeing the latest superhero movie, fishing, or cooking together.  Jay feels like Dakota is part of the family.  Jay’s invested a lot in this match and wants to see Dakota successful, so he’s in it for the long haul.  Dakota is having fun and likes knowing Jay is there when he needs him.