Alan and Deonte

Alan Fedrigon was matched with his Little Brother, Deonte, in 2010. The match began as a Site-Based Match, meeting at Deonte’s school once a week, then transitioned to the Community-Based Program in 2011. Fedrigon become involved with BBBS through a United Way Agency Fair. Deonte needed a mentor in his life because he was having difficulty focusing in school which led to bad grades, as well as confrontations with peers and teachers.

Over the five years of their match Fedrigon has provided Deonte with the encouragement, guidance and consistency he needed. Even through difficult times of loss, the pair has supported each other and created a strong, trusting bond. Fedrigon has helped Deonte maintain good grades, improve his behavior and become more confident in his relationships with his peers.

They love to do a variety of activities like bowling, miniature golfing, roller skating, swimming, and attend Illini sporting events. They also have a few traditions they've established over their five years. One is to go shopping for school supplies at the beginning of the school year. The other is a summer day of fun which typically includes breakfast and fishing - which has taught Deonte patience.

Congrats to Alan on being named the 2015 Illinois Big Brother of the Year!