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Ways to Donate

Annual Fund

Each year we ask businesses and friends to support the work we do every day matching Bigs and Littles. Look for our newsletters and Annual Report for opportunities to support us through annual giving. Any amount accepted. It costs about $85 per month to support each match.

We currently have several grants to serve children at risk, as well as children who have an incarcerated parent and are at risk of entering the juvenile justice system. These grants require us to generate significant matching funds. You can help us greatly through a gift to our Annual Fund.

Match Scholarships

Each match we make has a cost to us. We look to you to help us finance that match. In many ways, funding is the major constraint to growth in the number of children we are able to mentor… $1,000 per match annually.

By providing a match scholarship, you're investing the future of a child and the future of your community. Our professional staff members support each match all year. Your investment helps our volunteers make a big impact in the lives of their Littles and it helps break the cycle of violence and poverty in our community.

Richard & Marilyn Dechert Fund for Big Brothers Big Sisters:

The fund was established in mid-2009 to provide long-term stability for our Macon County office. The fund is managed by the Community Foundation of Decatur/Macon County. As of December 2012 the fund reached our goal of $100,000.

United Way now requires all agencies seeking United Way funding to address the issue of reserve funds. Our goal is to grow this fund to six figures and then begin to use part of the earnings to supplement our annual budgets. Principal remains invested for the future… $100 and up. This is a great way to help if you have a large gift in mind.

Wish List

Building Fund:

 We would love a donation of a commercial or residential building in or near downtown or near Veteran's Parkway.

Decatur Memorial Hospital has gifted an office building located at 310 W. William St., in Decatur to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Illinois. Decatur Memorial Hospital gave the property to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Illinois during a Gifting Ceremony held at the West William St. location on Nov.2, 2011.

"We are deeply appreciative of Decatur Memorial Hospital and the DMH Foundation for their support of our mission," said Stahlheber. "After 20 years of serving Macon County, this gift enables us to enter a new phase for our agency. It ensures that we can continue to grow the program and our capacity to serve more children in need of a caring mentor."

We are very pleased to have an office within the United Way building at 404 W. Church St. We would always consider the gift of a building suitable for our use.

Scholarships For Littles

We strive to keep a caring adult in a child’s life through high school. When we are successful as we usually are, that Little then has the choice of a good job or a college education.  Often, even with financial aid packages, college is not affordable. Your scholarship funds can be the difference between going to college or not… $10,000-$30,000 annually.

Community Foundation of East Central Illinois:

As we grow in Champaign and Ford County, we would like to create an endowment to help support our efforts. We have the unique situation in Champaign-Urbana where many students enjoy volunteering as Bigs. This is the generation, which has grown up believing in community service and many college students have experienced ‘service learning’ since grade school. These students are great Big Brothers and Big Sisters, but they do tax our office as we strive to serve them and their Littles. An endowment would allow us to continue to make the most of this volunteer pool… $10,000 - $50,000.